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Inspiring the next generation of engineers

Shorterm are proud sponsors of the Bloodhound SSC Project. BLOODHOUND SSC is a unique, high-technology project to design and build a car that will break the 1,000mph barrier, set a new world land speed record and inspire the next generation of engineers.

We are delighted to be an official sponsor of the BLOODHOUND SSC 1,000 mph challenge, an ambitious project to break the land speed record by the largest ever margin.

The BLOODHOUND project is an adventure in engineering for the 21st century, and one that everyone can get behind, for many different reasons. Those of us involved in the fast-changing world of engineering are excited by the thought of technology smashing through yet another barrier. And for young people, it could be all the inspiration they need to consider a career in science, engineering, maths or technology. Because as this project shows, when you put them all together you can achieve the impossible!

The story so far

Richard Noble, OBE, held the land speed record from 1983 and 1997 after achieving a top speed of 633 mph in the jet-propelled Thrust2.

He then worked as project director on the development of ThrustSSC, the supersonic car that smashed his earlier record. It was driven by an RAF pilot, Wing Commander Andy Green, and reached a top speed of 763 mph in the Black Rock Desert, Nevada, on 15 October 1997.


Richard Noble and Andy Green are now working on their next land speed record attempt with BLOODHOUND SSC, a pencil-shaped car that will be powered by a jet engine and have a top speed of 1,000 mph.

As official product sponsors for the BLOODHOUND project, we will be helping the bloodhound team with any recruitment requirements as well as supporting the team's transition back into the workplace once this fantastic project is complete