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Construction: Lee Warren

Knowledge of steel construction

A key part of our success has been dividing our recruitment consultants into specialist teams so that they develop a broad and detailed knowledge of one area or industry and that has paid dividends and given us a significant advantage in our work with Lee Warren.

Our industry clients tell us no-one can rival us for the volume or skills level of the people we source through it

Perfectly placed

Since 2001, our steel construction specialists have been supplying a broad range of skilled industrial and architectural steel workers to Lee Warren for diverse projects on multiple sites, understanding the skills required for even the most niche projects, and more than a decade later we have built a strong relationship with the company that is built on mutual respect and 100% trust.

Huge database of registered candidates

In the past few years we have supplied Lee Warren with structural and architectural fitters to work on two especially prestigious projects, at London Heathrow Airport and the old Granary building at the rear of Kings Cross Station. As always, we made good use of our huge database of registered candidates. The sub-set of candidates with experience in metal and steelwork is itself huge, and our industry clients tell us no-one can rival us for the volume or skills level of the people we source through it.

Reference checks and security clearance

We take care of reference checks and security clearance for all candidates. Before we supply any candidates we will already have carried out the necessary reference checks to ensure their qualifications are from recognised institutions and that they are legally entitled to work in the UK. For the Heathrow and Kings Cross projects we were also required to ensure they had security clearance to work near the airport or train track. To get the air-side passes, we arranged for Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) checks on every one of the contractors and requested employer references going back five years. For the Kings Cross team, every candidate needed to have a valid Personal Track Safety (PTS) Card. All of the contractors on our books already have PTS Cards, so there was no delay in sending them to work track-side.

Proactively planning the workload

Our specialist consultants spend hundreds of hours each year on site visits with Lee Warren, talking to hiring managers, resolving any issues with contractors and proactively planning the workload and labour requirements for the next project.

Perfectly placed

We have a detailed knowledge and understanding of specialist trades, so we are perfectly placed to assist in recruiting for the particular requirements of the architectural and structural steel industry.